The Interlake Tourism Association is looking for nominations.


What Organization, Business or Person should be recognized for what they do for the Interlake?

The Interlake Tourism Association (ITA) is pleased to announce our annual Tourism Awards that will recognize the people, businesses or organizations that are outstanding in the Interlake. Be it for the superior Service Excellence they provide, the Marketing Excellence you recognize in their campaigns or a Volunteer of the Yera. We also have Product or Innovation Development– something new and/or improved Event of the Year [an event that brought large volumes of visitors into our communities] and the Interlake Award of Distinction– a business, person or group that has enhanced the Interlake experience. We have a Non-member (not a member of Interlake Tourism) Award as well this year.  Do you know of someone to nominate?

 This year at our 13th Annual “Celebration of Stars” we will honor those individuals who have made a difference to the economic impact that tourism makes annually on the Interlake. The people who make the festivals come alive with meaning, those who welcome our visitors to their businesses and the ones who keep the heritage of the region alive and well. The event will be held at the Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre with invitations to members and guests being sent this week.

 Some of our past winners have stated:

“This acknowledgement from my peers really made me feel welcome and valued in the tourism community, which is why I make a point of paying it forward by nominating others for ITA awards.” Heather Hinam- Second Nature-Adventures in Discovery


 “The WAVE Interlake Artists were honoured to be recognized by the ITA for their contribution to the culture, economy, and tourism in the Interlake. Being celebrated regionally and provincially, through nominations and awards, has given us a sense of pride in the professionalism that each individual cultivates in our arts practices and together as an artists’ cooperative. Thank you for the great work that you do on our behalf.” Gayle Halliwell 

We are accepting nominations from the public for any of the seven (7) awards listed above. You will find a list of the Award categories, a nomination form and the details for each category and a membership list at:

For more information about these awards or to schedule an interview please call 204-322-5378 or 204-641-0024 or e-mail Gail at:

 Deadline for nominations is Sept. 8th, 2014