Former Refugees Invited to Appear in Fidelio

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Manitoba Opera is looking for approximately 100 people who came to Winnipeg as refugees, to appear in Fidelio this November.

FidelioFidelio tells the story of Leonore, a young woman who disguises herself as a young man so that she can work in a jail where her husband is a political prisoner,” explains Larry Desrochers, General Director and CEO. “In the final scene of the opera, she successfully frees her husband, as well as the other prisoners, and the community gathers to witness their release. The former refugees will appear in this scene as part of the community seeing the prisoners released.”

Manitoba Opera has programmed Fidelio to celebrate the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Volunteers participating in the production will have the unique opportunity to take part in a powerful expression of humanity’s right to be free of oppression.

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