Fun in the Florida Sun

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Florida draws almost a billion tourists each year!

Photo and story by Tania Moffat

The “Sunshine State,” so named for its temperate climate and number of sunny days, boasts 1,926.4 kilometres of coastline, and 1,067 kilometres of sandy beaches, making it an ideal destination for sun seekers and Canadian “snowbirds” looking to escape our harsh winters.

With over 94 million tourists visiting last year alone, tourism has become the state’s number one industry. What draws millions of tourists to Florida? With so much to see and do the reasons are as varied as the tourists that Florida attracts.

Abundant wildlife and untamed wilderness areas such as the Everglades attract nature lovers. Explorers who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the local reefs or experience sport fishing often head to the historic Florida Keys. Miami, famous for its white sand beaches and Art Deco architecture, is also one of Florida’s major cruise-ship ports, and space junkies are drawn to the Kennedy Space Centre’s Spaceport USA, located on the east coast.

Fort Lauderdale has become synonymous with spring break and beautiful beaches, but offers so much more. Known as the Venice of America due its 298 kilometers of local waterways it is a city rich with culture, history and a strong arts community.

Orlando boasts several world-famous theme parks and attractions, a booming resort industry and one of the largest convention facilities in the nation. It attracts over 50 million of the state’s visitors every year, and is the most visited destination in the United States.

While the first theme park, Cypress Gardens, opened in the 1930s, it wasn’t until Disney unveiled his Magic Kingdom in 1971 that theme park development began to really explode in the state.

With so many ways to have fun in the sun, you may just have to visit.


Getting There :  WestJet and Sunwing offer a total of four direct flights from Winnipeg to Orlando per week

Flight duration:  3hr 49min


Fort Lauderdale

Getting there:  WestJet now offers one direct flight from Winnipeg to Fort Lauderdale per week.

Flight duration: 3 hr 59min