Cancun – Captivation awaits


A soft salty ocean breeze caresses your skin and your toes sink into the finest crystal white sand you’ve ever seen as you take your first step onto the beach. Cool turquoise waters quietly lap against the shore, beckoning you to take a dip. Friendly faces welcome you and a fresh drink waits, already beginning to sweat from the warmth of the day. You walk to your palapa adorned with crisp cream sheets and rich burgundy pillows, its canopy rustling in the breeze and settle in for some quiet time on the beach.

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But if you think this is all Cancun has to offer you don’t know Cancun. On a strip of land, in the shape of the number seven, surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea on one side and on the other a massive lagoon system filled with mangroves and marshes that link it to the mainland, lies the Cancun Hotel district. Forty years ago this land was virgin jungle and unexplored beach; now tourists flock here by the millions every year. In fact, Cancun is now Mexico’s largest tourism resort area and the Caribbean’s premiere destination, surpassing even the Bahamas and Puerto Rico

If you are seeking luxurious rooms and beaches, spas, high-end restaurants and shopping, you’ll find them. Water sports? There is no shortage of snorkeling, diving, fishing or boating activities here. Traditional cultural activities such as bullfights, Mariachi bands, entertaining fiestas with dancing and Yucatan delicacies can also be easily found.

Partiers will find numerous nightclubs along the strip, where they can walk down the sidewalk and listen to the competing music from the open bars and patios, watch people dancing and find locals dressed in interesting costumes wanting to pose for tips.

The rich Mayan culture is evident everywhere here. The famous ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba are all well worth the ride down the Mayan Riviera to experience. But if you just can’t leave the beach and prefer to stay closer to your hotel, the El Rey ruins are located right in the hotel zone.

Families can feel secure knowing that there are activities for children of all ages. From personalized interactive tours at the Crococun Zoo just outside Cancun, to dolphin shows at the Cancun Interactive Aquarium, a Wet n’ Wild water park and submarine rides that allow children to see the beauty of the reef from the safety of the sub, there is no shortage of family activities. In fact most tours offer discounts for children and/or have activities to engage them.

Cancun has something for everyone and that is why people return year after year.

Viva Cancun!

Story by Tania Moffat

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