Postcards 2015 – Part 1

Thank you for all the postcards you’ve been sending us. Here are more of them that were sent to us in the beginning of 2015. Keep them coming!


Harley adventure in Arizona

Tom Payne Jr. and Christine Payne are with The Hub at the Saguara Lake Marina in Arizona on a Harley adventure.

Enjoying the sun in Thailand

We love the great job you are all doing at The Hub! A wonderful magazine. I have shown it to many friends all over the world. Keep up the good work. Thanks Connie and Dougall McCormick

On the beach in Panama

Enjoying the beach with The Hub in Las Tablas, Panama.

Les Creux Point South coast of Jersey

Our General Manager’s mother, Suzan Leatt, at Les Creux Point South coast of Jersey.  

Snowbirds in Florida

Snowbirds Nicola and Clelia DiSanto with The Hub at their home in Sarasota, Florida.

From California with love…

Hello The Hub, I’m sending some photos of my cousins, Sandra Hogue and Brenda Tegelberg from Eriksdale Manitoba who arrived to visit me in California with a copy of The Hub. I particularly enjoyed the Winter 2014 issue because I grew up in Snow Lake Manitoba and loved the Trapper’s Festival in The Pas.  What…

Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka

The Sacred Temple of the Tooth in Kandi, Sri Lanka. *Original email: Hi The Hub,   My wife and I were recently visiting the most holiest site of Buddhism in the world. It is called The Sacred Temple of the Tooth which is located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. This temple has Buddha’s tooth which has…

Hola desde España

Ross and Maureen Gage with The Hub in Benehavis, Spain.

Look who’s in Frankfurt…

Our very own Glenn Dobbie!