Tapastry – 620 Niakwa Rd.

Pan-seared scallops with mushrooms.
Pan-seared scallops with mushrooms.

Tapas is a derivative of a Spanish word tapar, that is “to cover”. In Spain, a thin slice of meat was once offered to drape over a glass of wine to keep the fruit flies out. The custom became so popular that little dishes of delectable food offerings became the norm. “Tapas-try” is the perfect moniker for Tapastry by Amici’s tapas-style dining, giving one the opportunity to “try” a variety of little tastes. I’m never squeamish about sharing food from a common plate and certainly not when I’m sharing with my sisters, as I was on this evening.

Tapastry at the Niakwa Golf Club has a beautiful view of the rolling green hills of the course. This evening was fair and there were golfers out on the deck, seated in comfy couches, around a fire pit. Ah, summer in Winnipeg!

First up was an Italian thin-crust pizza adorned with prosciutto, fig jam, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette and pea shoots. Being a fan of sweet and salty combinations, I loved it. With the pizza came smoked bacon-wrapped prawns. Tyrolean bacon blanketed the prawns which were enhanced with a roasted tomato sauce and lemon-garlic aioli. Delectable perogies were served with a luscious pumpkin puree. They were a definite highlight.

Our favourite dish of the evening was the pan-seared scallops that had been perched atop a variety of mushrooms, roasted corn and pork belly! They were finished with a scallion pesto and marsala glaze. Decadent and delicious.

Service was professional, polite and prompt.

Review and photo by Kathryne Grisim