The Portal – A “mind-blowing” experience

Virtual reality arcade bringing people out of their comfort zone in a social environment

By Bill Burfoot

Ah yes, the fear of heights. It’s one of the most common phobias (followed by public speaking) with an estimated three to five per cent of the population suffering so-called acrophobia.

For people with acrophobia, the sheer conversation of someone jumping out of an airplane, going up a ladder, bungee jumping or even taking an elevator can make them feel queasy. Now if only there was a way to tackle these fears without actually having to do them. Continue reading “The Portal – A “mind-blowing” experience”

Eh Canada, check us out!


By Tania Moffat

According to Google analytics 2,701,842 viewers visited the site in 2015.
According to Google analytics 2,701,842 viewers visited the site in 2015.

E h Canada Travel & Adventure, headquartered in British Columbia, is the largest privately-operated Canadian website and the only booking, planning and interactive website in Canada. This social travel, interactive website covers over 365 communities, 4500 parks, trails, historic sites, beaches, lakes, rivers and more. The site experience is enhanced with over 16,000 photos — all complimented by an award-winning blog and supported by 12 social media channels. Colin and Greg Girard, the founders of eh Canada, have spent the last eight years on the road researching Canada from Tofino, B.C. to Cape Spear, Newfoundland in order to provide users with an accurate portrayal of our beautiful nation. Continue reading “Eh Canada, check us out!”